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Episode[41]: SRE With Mosab Ibrahim

Episode Summary

Hello and welcome to the 41st episode from null++ podcasts. We are back with having amazing guests with us, this time we have Mosab Ibrahim, a Senior Site Reliability Engineer @ Twitter. The content of the episode was directed towards understanding more the main concept of an SRE, what is the difference between it and DevOps, and what did Mosab study to pursue such a career. We hope that you enjoy this episode as always, as usual, don't forget subscribing to the podcast, leave a review if you found the content to be useful, and share the episode to help more people hear it.

Episode Notes

Resources Mentioned in this episode

Tech & Coffee Podcast: S1E9: Tech Chat With Mosab Ibrahim | The SRE!!?

SLA vs. SLO vs. SLI: What’s the difference?

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