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Episode[38]: TDD & BDD

Episode Summary

Hello & Welcome to the 38th episode of this podcast. In this week's episode, we will be walking quickly through the main concepts and ideas behind TDD & BDD as a test first approaches. It is a quick light episode that can help you quickly open your mind with these practices.

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Title: Returns and exchanges go to inventory.

As a store owner,

I want to add items back to inventory when they are returned or exchanged,

so that I can track inventory.


Scenario 1: Items returned for refund should be added to inventory.

Given that a customer previously bought a black sweater from me

and I have three black sweaters in inventory,

when they return the black sweater for a refund,

then I should have four black sweaters in inventory.


Scenario 2: Exchanged items should be returned to inventory.

Given that a customer previously bought a blue garment from me

and I have two blue garments in inventory

and three black garments in inventory,

when they exchange the blue garment for a black garment,

then I should have three blue garments in inventory

and two black garments in inventory.


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