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Episode[28]: Infrastructure as a code with Ahmad Magdy

Episode Summary

Hello & welcome to the 28th episode from null++ podcast. This week we have Ahmad Magdy with us, A software engineer working @ Uber and he is part of the infrastructure team there. In this episode, Ahmad will walk us through the concept of Infrastructure as a code, how you can apply this through terraform, his experience with switching teams to Infrastructure as a code, the dynamics of such transformation, and some other cool stuff. We hope you enjoy this episode, if so, please share the episode through social media, subscribe to the podcast using the application you use, and leave a review to help others find us organically.

Episode Notes


00:00:00 -> 00:10:00

Infrastructure as a code.


Introduction To Terraform.


HCL Native Syntax Specification.

00:10:00 -> 00:20:00

Bus Factor.

00:40:00 -> 00:50:00

Jetbrains HCL Plugin.

VSCode Terraform Plugin.


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