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Episode[27]: Development Productivity & Tooling With Ahmed Ash

Episode Summary

Hello & welcome to the 27th episode from null++ podcast. Our guest this time will be Ahmed Ash and we will be dedicating this episode to tips & tricks regarding development productivity, tooling, terminal usage, code editors, CI/CD, and other stuff. This episode had few great tips, we hope that you both like and start using these tips, & as usual, don't forget subscribing and reviewing the podcast on your pod-catcher. Thank you 🙏

Episode Notes

Last week, we have fetched the 5th issue from the newsletter where we share articles and resources we find valuable, you can have a look at this issue from here, also you can subscribe to the Newsletter from this link.


00:00:00 -> 00:10:00

Ash's Twitter Thread about tooling & productivity.

Duck typing.

00:10:00 -> 00:20:00

Paul Graham Viaweb & Lisp FAQs.

Laravel Valet.

Episode[5]: Docker Intro & Quick Tips

00:20:00 -> 00:30:00

Ahmed's plugin for sublime.

00:30:00 -> 00:40:00

Visual Studio Code Tips and Tricks.

Getting Started with Vim: An Interactive Guide.

00:40:00 -> 00:50:00


Oh My ZSH.


Oh My Fish.

01:00:00 -> 01:10:00

Airbnb js style guide.


Marketing for developers.

Design for data-intensive applications.

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