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Episode[26][hiring]: Unique Engineers With Ahmed Essam

Episode Summary

Hello & welcome to the 26th episode from null++ podcast. This week we had another fascinating talk with Ahmed Essam under the hiring sequel, this episode is a response to the polls that we had launched before on both twitter and Facebook where most of the votes were dedicated to the engineer's uniqueness and how to develop my competitive advantage as an engineer. We hope that you like this episode and happy listening :).

Episode Notes

Last week, we have fetched the 4th issue from the newsletter where we share articles and resources we find valuable, if you didn't subscribe yet, you can do it from this link. For this episode resources, take a look below 👀, we had a bunch of very valuable ones 👇.


*On another note, Essam recently did launch his own podcast where he interviews some of the Egyptian top engineering minds if you enjoyed our episodes with him, most probably you would enjoy his podcast as well.

Podcast Link - Recommended Episode.


00:00:00 -> 00:10:00 Minutes

The 5 Whys?

Plug & Play

00:10:00 -> 00:20:00 Minutes

Tweet About Fires & Accountability.

How to Complete a Great Postmortem Analysis Reliably.

Pre-mortems and Post-mortems: The 2 Most Important Parts of Any Project

00:20:00 -> 00:30:00

Hot Cold Empathy Gap.

Pair programming.

00:30:00 -> 00:40:00


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How Developers Stop Learning: Rise of the Expert Beginner.

01:00:00 -> 01:10:00

Apprenticeship Model.

01:10:00 -> 01:20:00

Cost-Benefit Analysis.



*Essam Resources on creating the same with Raspberry Pi. (Video1 - Video2)