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Episode[25]: Grow Your Career With Side Projects

Episode Summary

Hello & welcome to the 25th episode from this podcast. Since we have found ourselves keep mentioning side projects over and over again when we answer questions like "How can I learn X effectively?" "I don't have freedom in work to do X Y, & Z, what should I do", "I am a junior, how can I increase my chances of landing a job or an internship" .... etc. Hence, we have dedicated this episode to this topic specifically where we will be discussing different types of side projects that you can engage in, how such projects can help you (both from experience and other's experience), and how to start and get feedback from such projects. We hope that you all like this episode, if you do, then don't forget subscribing to the show, leave a review, and share the episode with your friends and colleagues. Thanks for listening 🙏.

Episode Notes

Last week, we have fetched the 3rd issue from the newsletter where we share articles and resources we find valuable, if you didn't subscribe yet, you can do it from this link. For this episode resources, take a look below 👀, we had a bunch of very valuable ones 👇.