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Episode[21][hiring]: Culture Fitness With Ahmed Essam

Episode Summary

Welcome to the 21st episode from this podcast. We are trying a new wave of episodes that are focusing on hiring from different perspectives and covering different aspects. As a disclaimer, this type of episode was an initiative from Ahmed Essam (Software Engineer From Apple that we had an episode with him before). In this first episode, we will be focusing on organisational culture fitness, what to look for when you are about to join a new organization, and how people usually perceive that between Egypt and the USA. We hope that you enjoy this episode, tell us what do you think of the topic and what else you need to know about hiring. ------ Announcements ------ We are about to launch a newsletter to help us share more valuable content with you (content we find valuable and can't fit in the podcast), to know more about the newsletter and subscribe, please refer to the link in the show notes. Also, if you are more of a twitter person, we have started a new Twitter account for the podcast where we will post the episodes and other cool info, please follow from the show note link as well.

Episode Notes

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