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Episode[18]: Tech Talk with Amr Ragab From Amazon

Episode Summary

Hello and welcome to the 18th Episode from Null++ Podcast. In this episode, we have enjoyed the companionship of Amr Ragab, a software engineer working in Amazon Scotland. Considering this being part I from this discussion (Expect Part II to be as a bonus episode next Wednesday), we have talked with Amr About his journey so far, how did he manage to join Amazon after only a few months from having his degree in Computer Engineering from Cairo University back in 2016, how were the interviews, the technical shock that he experienced in his early days at Amazon, besides his opinion about the engineering culture in Amazon. We hope that you enjoy this episode as we did, also don't forget subscribing to the null++ podcast channel in the player you are using, leave a review if you find the content beneficial, and help us reach more people by sharing the episodes you love in social media.

Episode Notes