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Episode[15]: Career & Product Management Talk With Ahmed El-Sharkasy

Episode Summary

Hello and welcome to the 15th episode from this podcast. We are having a special guest in this episode, Ahmed El-Sharkasy, Co-founder and CEO of Knowledge Officer. In this episode, we will go through the different hats Ahmed wore throughout his career so far. Moving from an engineer to product manager to startup CEO, moving from Egypt to the UK, and the lessons he realized from being a T-Edged person. As usual, we want to remind you of subscribing to the show if you didn't do that yet, share the episode if you find it interesting and leave a review to help us collect more feedback about the show. Wish you happy and fruitful listening. N.B: Facebook Developer Circles is partnering with knowledge officer in doing something special to the community. Please keep an eye of the developer circle Cairo group to get notified as soon as we do the announcement.

Episode Notes