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Episode[13]: Tech Talk With Ahmed Essam

Episode Summary

Welcome to the Thirteenth episode from null++ podcast. In this episode, we are happy to have Ahmed Essam ( A software engineer from Apple) with us. We will highlight Ahmed's career before joining apple, lessons learned from his old startup, his not so happy time in Germany, his time at Facebook and how several disappointments knocked him down for a while before regaining control. We will talk about some topics related to mental health, communication as a double-edged weapon, the power of hackathons, and his take on being professional. As a disclaimer, we found the discussion too heavy and long to be fitted in one episode, hence we split it into two episodes, consider this as part one. We will be releasing the extended part from this episode this Wednesday as a Bonus episode. We hope that you enjoy this episode as we did, and don't forget to leave a review if you find the content valuable. Thank you :)

Episode Notes