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Episode[30]: Don't be like Alaa

Episode Summary

Hello & welcome to this new episode from null++ podcast. Hooray, we have reached our 30th episode within this podcast, we must admit that we didn't expect this milestone with all the engagement and the shout outs. In this special episode from the podcast, we have a special guest, who drove the episode into a funny and sarcastic way to convey the learnings he has experienced during One & A Half years seeking for a position in Europe. This guest was Alaa Elgndy and we have talked to him about the challenges he faced at the beginning of this journey, the series of unfortunate events he experienced during that journey 😅(Mind the laughing), and the lessons learned from all of this. Thank you for listening, if you didn't subscribe to the podcast yet, please do, and leave a review to help us rank organically on podcast players.

Episode Notes

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